Pig Propaganda

What’s Muzzle The Pig Been Up To?


Long time no speak on this website.

This year’s been quite an inactive one as far as output, but that’s not to say nothing has been happening.

– The Criminal Audition. Initially conceived and performed as a comedy play in London is now a fully fledged thriller feature film script. Casting, concept art, videos and more can be found on the official website, The Criminal Audition

What’s it about? 

The Criminal Audition is a crime thriller that follows an organisation who specialise in keeping their wealthy clients out of prison. The Organisation, led by the shady William, finds someone down on their luck and desperate, who is willing to frame themselves for the perpetrator’s illegal activities in exchange for large sums of cash.

Having been willingly framed for someone else’s crime, Ryan Gunning finds himself drawn back into the criminal underworld almost as soon as he is released. The organisation who put him in prison wants him back…. but this time, as one of them.


Making a feature film from scratch takes time and money and we’re a long way from releasing any final details on the film at present, but while you wait…

– The Dependents. Featuring some of the cast and crew who’ll be part of The Criminal Audition, this short film is already in post production. We intend to release a trailer in the next few weeks and expect to host a screening in London with an aim to enter it into festivals shortly after. We’re really proud of it and can’t wait to show you what’s it all about!

– All In The Method Series 2. It’s been a long time coming but we’re getting really close to having the new scripts completed. We have an aim to film some of this towards the end of this year, with an aim to releasing the full series in Spring 2016. These scripts and story ideas are set to eclipse everything we done in series 1.

– Stand Up. I’ve slowly been building a steady set of stand up material with an eye to doing a solo show at Edinbugh 2016’s fringe festival. I continue to do gigs in London. The material has been wonderfully received and can’t wait to put it altogether to form the basis of a full show. My next gigs are below. See you soon.

8th September – Shaker & Company – NW1 3EE
16th September – Smiths – E1 6BG
22nd September – Star & Garter – SW15 1JN
24th September – Laughing Horse New Act of the Year (this one isn’t free) – WC2R 0BA