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Hello –

It has been awhile since I blogged over on Muzzle The Pig due to the silly amount of work I’ve given myself to do with a certain feature film The Criminal Audition (@CrimAudition). However, I’m not going to spend this blog post waffling on about the highs and lows of that project so far, as we plan to do that in a lovely retrospective manner later from our new base in LA, sat among an award laden room.

What I am going to mention is the numerous shows Rich and I have coming up and how you can get to them and how you can buy us a pint afterwards. So without further ado – confirmed so far….

STAND UP – 21st May – The Green Pub, 172-174 Uxbridge Road W12 (closest tube stop is Shepherd’s Bush) 

I’ll be doing 10 minutes or so of stand-up material. Rich won’t be there. You can buy me a pint by approaching the bar, ordering a pint and then handing the bartender cash after he/she demands it. You then hand that pint to me.

STAND UP – 27th May – Shaker&Company 119 Hampstead Road, Euston, NW1 3EE (closest tube stop is Warren Street)

I’ll be doing 5 minutes or so of stand-up material. Rich will be doing some as well. You can buy US a pint by approaching the bar, ordering TWO pints and then handing the bartender an amount that will be larger than they will demand at the previous gig on the fact that you’re buying two pints, instead of one. You then hand those pints to me. I promise Rich will get his pint.

STAND UP – 11th June – Hoot ‘N’ Annie’s, 180 Kentish town road, NW5 2AE London (closest tube stop is Kentish Town/Camden Town)

I’ll be doing 5 minutes or so of stand-up material. Rich will be doing some as well. You can use the gig on the 27th as an exact guide of how to act here.

KAILE, KEEBLE & KUNTZ – 28th, 29th, 30th July – CAMDEN FRINGE – The Etcetera Theatre, 265 Camden High St, London NW1 7BU – TICKETS £6 – 9:30pm 

Yes, Rich Keeble, Roger Kuntz and myself will be firing up our new show at the Camden Fringe. For the small price of £6 you’ll get to see three below average men perform sketches and individual stand up routines. There’s even some juggling. Shit juggling. You don’t have to buy Roger Kuntz a drink after, he’s T-total and much prefers a glass of tap water and having his ego stroked.

KAILE, KEEBLE & KUNTZ – 13th August – 24th August – EDINBURGH FRINGE – The Globe Bar Arch 2, 30 Niddry Street, Edinburgh EH1 1LG  – TICKETS FREE – 6:45pm 

If you’re up in Edinburgh then try to pop in and see us perform our show. We’re on for 10 nights, so if we know you’re in Edinburgh we’ll probably be hunting you with nets to make sure you come along. Pint buying is compulsory here as it’ll probably be our only sustenance due to lack of funds.