Pig Propaganda

MTP starts here

So over the last few weeks I’ve hurled a load of stuff onto the website. And when I say hurl I don’t mean like a really poor furniture removal man who just lobs that art Deco cocktail cabinet into the back of a truck, I mean a ‘clean’ kind of hurl. One where the site is at least populated, but there’s still plenty of more stuff to be put up.

For now though, there’s pictures from A Criminal Audition as well as loads of information on that very play, as well as past plays. Then there’s a couple of old short stories and even an old sketch from my University days. In-fact there’s a ton of stuff up here, so go look around. I’ll be chucking more and more stuff up here over the next few days and hopefully we’ll (because we’re in this together) have a fully functioning site (with some lovely new artwork) very soon.

On this blog I’ll be writing about what’s going down with MTP, what’s my latest bit of work to be uploaded (Jacob’s Tale Chapter 1) and all other bits and bobs.

So go tell everyone, even your dog if you wish though he’ll probably just bark at you or, if you’re living in Asia, give you rabies.