Luke Kaile

Hi, I’m Luke Kaile, the founder of Muzzle The Pig. I grew up in the humble city of Croydon which is a bit like growing up in Narnia. Croydon holds a myriad of places to explore and pillage with excellent mythical folk who enchant you with their soft and tender dialects, magical hospitality and ‘Give me your phone’ attitude. I briefly* studied at Loughborough University, obtaining a degree in Drama and a Creative Writing Masters. There, I met a lot of people who shared my genes in wanting to be penniless and out of work. Besides pulling my hair out in trying to get anything MTP related out to the World, I also do a variety of other bits and pieces.

*4 years is seen as a short time when you have come from Croydon, since it offers such as fast-paced lifestyle as you duck underneath the nearest shutter door, avoiding that flaming machete.


As well as appearing in several high-profile extra jobs such as “That torso behind Sally Jenkins in ‘Made In Dagenham'” and “The person who doesn’t actually show up in the Tesco’s Mobile crowd shot despite standing there for 8 hours”, I have also done the occasional acting work. The full break down of my recent roles can be found under the ‘Acting’ tab at the side where a link to my C.V, Spotlight and CCP pages are available. So far these range from a crazed bourbon eater dressed up in a banana suit, a regular drinker who regularly  fails in a variety of sex with his partner, an out of job bloke living with a werewolf and a marathon runner who believes people who run for guide dogs are into bestiality.  A show-reel featuring some of these roles can also be found on the ‘Acting’ tab.

Writing Creative

My current writing projects include a novel, a sitcom, a new play and half finished short stories. Several chapters of my novel can be found at the ‘My Writing’ section, please feel free to comment and criticise as they are merely a blue print of what I hope to achieve. Since I was in Primary School I have had a passion for writing and, although though my teenage years only yielded unfinished works, in recent years I’ve had much more success. In the last few years I’ve had a short story published, The Mangosteen, Sunken’ as well as a few poems (all of which can be found here). I have also written the Muzzle The Pig plays, ‘Ron Conducts Zero’ and ‘A Criminal Audition’ excerpts can be found on the site. 

Writing Freelance  

I am an absolute cineaste and that is why there should be plenty of film reviews making their way to this site. My passion for film spans far with favoured films coming from not just England and the States but also across Europe, Africa and Asia. As well as film reviews I was also lucky enough to interview the Coen Brothers a few years back and here’s to hoping I’ll get a few similar opportunities in the future. I have also written comic, gaming, travel and sport related articles for websites. A list of these can be found over in the ‘Freelance Article’ section. If you are looking for writers, please do not hesitate to contact me.  


Using my Creative Writing MA and Drama degree to good effect, I have taught a handful of workshops recently to primary school children. It is my hope to expand on this with new workshop ideas and methods. These workshops can target any key areas specified by the teacher/guardian from raising literacy to unlocking imaginative skills that perhaps were hidden away before!

Me on stage, playing arrogant 'Alex' in 'Outside Edge' (2010)