A Criminal Audition (S)

A Criminal Audition – Short was a 25 minute version of A Criminal Audition. It was performed as part of The Branching Out Festival for The Rosemary Theatre on the 5th & 6th November.


Code named: Prometheus has been employed in his role for many years by ‘The Organisation’, assisting the World’s most sought after criminals in avoiding spending a lifetime behind bars. But tonight is different, he has been assigned a new colleague, code named: Eris (I know… he doesn’t like it either), a man devoid of manners and not averse to the odd bit of mischief.

The auditions are thrown to find people willing enough to purposefully frame themselves for ‘The Organisation’s’ client, thus doing the jail time for the client and clearing his name. The auditions are kept hush-hush by pretending to be for ‘Aladdin: The Musical’, therefore moving the attention of the law. The job offer attracts the kind of people who may feel as if they have nothing left to live for or perhaps want to earn a life of luxury by trading in years of their lives. In this instance, Prometheus is presented with two candidates, an overly eager chav and a girl in her early twenties who seems to be hiding something. Though for now, the two candidates are the least of Prometheus’ worries, for a random innocent French woman named Nanou has turned up and she wants to audition for Aladdin….


Prometheus – Rob Wainwright

Eris – Luke Kaile

Nanou – Fleur Wylie

Jay – Stefan Taylor

Lydia – Hannah Pratt

Moe – Pete Glover


Written by – Luke Kaile

Directed by – Pete Glover

Thanks to:

The Rosemary Branch Theatre.