A Criminal Audition


A Criminal Audition was performed at The Etcetera Theatre, Camden, between the 7th – 12th June 2011. The play was Muzzle The Pig’s first official feature length production and was a strong success.

-‘A Criminal Audition is a hilarious – and surreal – analysis of the price of freedom, and of the frivolous youth who are willing to give it up’

-‘Luke Kaile’s Eris was touchingly cheeky – naively focused on the contestant’s curves while affectionately mocking his boss, the anxious , hot-headed Prometheus who manages – without much success – to run the company. They are a duo to match the best; like Laurel and Hardy, Blackadder and Baldrick or Will and Carlton – they contrast and disagree, squabble and misunderstand so that, gradually, it becomes clear that chaos reigns – and the audience loves it’

-‘This is a beautifully quick-witted play that has flecks of Gogol’s Slapstick, the writing of Blackadder and Black Books and the surreal, dreamlike quality of Peepolykus and Flight of the Conchords. I suspect much of the humour wouldn’t make it past our 21st Century Lord Chamberlain – the BBC editor people – but then that’s part of what fringe is all about.’

-Caiti Grove for On The Fringe


Code named: Prometheus has been employed in his role for many years by ‘The Organisation’, assisting the World’s most sought after criminals in avoiding spending a lifetime behind bars. But tonight is different, he has been assigned a new colleague, code named: Eris (I know… he doesn’t like it either), a man devoid of manners and not averse to the odd bit of mischief.

Although Eris, will soon become Prometheus’ only hope when the pair discover that their next client is the one person whose name invokes nothing but dread, for he is as bat-crazy as they come. Throw in an overly-eager chav, a girl with a fierce temper and a random innocent French woman and code named: Prometheus…is screwed.


Prometheus – Rob Wainwright

Eris – Luke Kaile

Jay – Stefan Taylor

Lydia – Hannah Pratt

Mr Meridius – Rich Keeble – http://www.richkeeble.com/

Nanou/Nanou 2 – Fleur Wylie

Moe – Pete Glover


Ushers – James Thomas, Cat Cracknell, Megan McGovern

Props, Set & Additional Photography – Adeline McCann

Technical – Cat Cracknell, Henry Affonso, Megan Affonso

Additional Thanks:

Philomena Kaile

Tom Kenny – http://inspectelement.com/ (contributed the poster + great web designer)

The Abbey Tavern, Camden

Etcetera Theatre

The Goat, Mayfair